Please, please let me know when I can once again buy your product. In the past I have ordered it by the case. I live in the country and the black widow population is fierce. Your product has beeen a household staple of mine for 20 years. It is the only thing that kills Black Widows! Period! I spend a lot of nights with a flashlight and a can of Spider Nott in my hands. I think it is the only reason I can take country life, knowing I can douse those nasty spiders with it. I am in a tough spot, please let me know when I can order more . It is truly for my health and well being !

Krista, Fresno, CA

Perhaps I missed some ad copy somewhere in your description of Spider-Not.  I have a studio shed here in Seekonk, MA where I do gardening out of during the summer and then convert it to a heated wood carving sanctuary during the winter.  Trouble is… the spiders and their friends know that, too!  After using Spider-Not last Spring, I have not seen an insect of any kind… NOT ONE!   I just saw my first spider of the season last week and realized that not only does Spider-Not rid spiders, but IT REPELLS SPIDERS AND THEIR FRIENDS FOR OVER A FULL YEAR!   (I’m  placing my order for 2 more cans this week!)

If that’s in your ad copy, I’m sorry I missed it, but if it’s NOTT, I’d shout that fact in all my communications!  Keep making the great products and keep them affordable.


D. M. M., Seekonk MA
Gardener/Wood Carver, enjoying a spider-free work place.

My wife is terrified of spiders and this is the only product that we have found to be 100% effective 100% of the time. Thank you. Jupiter, FL

Please send me 2 cases (24 cans) of Spider-Not. Apparently, I cannot be without your product.

M.B., South Carolina

I’ve bought stuff called Spider-Not off the Internet . Spray it outside your house and you won’t see any spiders! Other people swear by it too. Good luck, I hate spiders!

H.L., NC

We have had a lot of success with Spider-Not over the past few years. For that we are very thankful.

K.P., New Mexico

Please send me 4 cans of Spider-Not. I LOVE your product.

S.T., New York

Spiders seem to be on a rampage in Oregon this year and I was beginning to get freaked out. I love the way this product sprays in a directed, long distance stream, with no need for a ladder. Plus, it starts working immediately! Thanks for an excellent product.

V.T., Oregon